Several Awesome Things that Make Me a Happy Camper

In list format, because that’s just how I roll. What?

And and and! You can already PRE-ORDER IT.

  1. The ever-amazing and wonderful Sooz Dennard revealed the cover for her upcoming release, Something Strange and Deadly. LOOK AT IT IN AWE, MINIONS. Also, ARCs! 😀 😀 😀
  2. I am studying Korean! (I had planned to type something in Korean here, but I don’t know consistent romanized Korean so…yeah, nevermind. Suffice to say that I can’t make many sentences yet. Only had four lessons.)
  3. BUT I CAN READ HANGUL. It’s seriously, like, the coolest, most logical written language of all time.
  4. Except Chinese grammar is still easier.
  5. I’m going to the city tomorrow! For a work trip!
  6. There is an excellent coffee shop in the city. It’s too bad Gong Yoo doesn’t work there. But I’ll still probably go to the shop every day.
  7. My flamenco performance is this weekend. I AM SO EXCITED. Partially because, yes, I get to dress up and wear oodles of make-up, and feel sexy, and giggle with my flamenco pals, but also because I will finally, finally be finished with so many practices. 0_0 Holy guac, I have no time guys.
  8. Next weekend I am teaching Japanese ladies how to make pumpkin pie.
  9. And the weekend after that (the 26th), I shall have a crazy, intense, and awesome Thanksgiving dinner.
  11. Glee is good again. Although really, what the hey are they doing to Finn’s character? Does he even have a character?
  12. I managed to do all my dishes! Woo!
  13. Aaaand…uh…you guys are awesome! WOOOOO!

Your turn, minions! Awesome things, in list format? And…go!

The 20 minutes I just spent choosing the best Gong Yoo photo was time VERY well spent. PS.