So. I have a fiancee.

The other day my friend Eiko, codename Kunoichi, and her band, Stephanie, had a performance at one of the local culture halls.

Eiko being her awesome self.

I didn’t know what to expect of the band going in, but I knew what to expect of myself:

  • Show Eiko that I think she’s amazing by being louder than everyone in the audience
  • Constantly say her name in a fan-girl-ish manner, accompanied by “Woooo!!!!” and make her crack up before she starts performing.
  • Make an embarrassing sign

Yeah, she totes said yes.

So yeah, I win at life. Now all I need is for her to break up with her boyfriend and for her to stop laughing at me every time I call her my fiancee. Hm.

But in all seriousness, SHE IS SO COOL.

Also, my heart palpitated a bit at their guitarist.

On the right in the video.

So Minions! Any really epically cool friends you wanna share with me? Also, I leave for America in TWO DAYS and that is just madness. I haven’t cleaned my house yet. Nor packed. AHHAHAHAHA.