2012 Resolutions: If you don’t make ’em, you can’t break ’em.

Last year, I made a huge, GINORMOUS list of resolutions. And despite failing on a number of them, it worked out pretty well. (Highlights? I got an agent, raised nearly $7000 for charity: water, and finished one book. But I didn’t exercise often enough, nor read a book a week, and I forgot completely about entering a photo contest. HAHAHAH. 😐 )

This year I’ve decided to simplify things.


I will be having bubbly whilst watching BoB live this year. 😀 😀 😀

  1. Having realized that I am a one-book-a-year gal, I will write, and polish, a new novel.
  2. Because I want to be financially solvent, I will pay off my student loans. Completely. That includes the Perkins, dag nabbit.
  3. Also related to the above, I will put at least $100 each months into savings, barring some type of actual emergency.
  4. I will take the foreign service exam.
  5. As last year, I will donate at least $25 a month to charity: water or another charity, should circumstances warrant,
  6. and I will also host a clearer, more organized, and more awesomer Crits for Water.
  7. In the interest of both exercise and using something I spent a fair deal of money on, I will ride my bike at least every Saturday morning, when I am at home.
  8. I will read at least 50 books.
  9. I will make a concerted effort to stay connected to my friends, say, by emailing at least once a week, because they rock my socks off.
  10. I will survive the 2012 Apocalypse. HUZZAH.

All right, minions, what do you think? Any advice? Also: if you participated in Crits for Water 2011, do you have any suggestions or ideas on how to improve it? Feel like sharing any of your resolutions? If you made a blog post, just add a link and I’ll put it at the top of this post. MUTUAL SHARING = ACCOUNTABILITY. …right?