Being Wholesome in Sin City

I’m about nine hours before I start my epic journey back to Japan. Cross your fingers that I don’t miss a flight due to my own negligence again :/ . It’ll be good to see my friends in Japan again, eat real seafood, and be in a house I’m not allergic to, but I’m not going to pretend that I’m happy to leave the US o’ A. Maybe it was the good side of culture shock, but I’m gonna miss the old motherland.

I had a lot of great times. Made 1200 cookies with mom. Helped paint my sister’s new baby room (’cause I’m gonna be an aunt). Gallivanted with the eldest sister and told a random dude, who’d we’d nicknamed Chazz, that I was slightly disappointed in his real name–which was Jared.

A main highlight, however, was visiting Fabulous Las Vegas, one of my oldest friends, Amanda, and two of the greatest authors of all time, the Soozinator and Ms. Sarah of Awesome.

It's very difficult for me to look happy, rather than angry, in photos like this.

This is Amanda:

She is eating ramen.

Amanda is full of awesome. That is partially because sometimes she dresses like this:

I did not take this photo. And yes, that is the best damn Sailor Pluto cosplay you've ever seen.

Amanda and I have been friends since I was in sixth grade, so pretty much forever. After high school, we lost touch until The Power of Facebook. It was pretty awesome to have our ten year reunion in Vegas, not gonna lie.


Vegas is awesome because they have stores like this one. I bought Sooz a present here.

They also have water and fire shows about Atlantis in public malls.

Whilst in Vegas, as stated, I got to meet two writer chums who are epic in their amazingness. No photos were taken, mostly because we met on New Years, and I didn’t want to ruin a camera. The three of us have decided that this is a state which must be rectified, and thus there will be another meeting. Hopefully we will not break the universe.

However, I did learn that Sooz is an excellent dancer.

And Ms. Sarah has fabulous taste in tights, men, and books.

And I wore this dress:

This dress is all kinds of fabulous.

The moral of the story is: holy CRAP did I have a great time in Vegas and in the US. HOLY CRAP do I want to go back to Vegas. HOLY SUPER CRAP do I want to meet up with my writer chums again (and also this one). And HOLY GUACAMOLE do I want shoes that look like this:

Except not so big. Size 9, kthxbai.

So minions, have you been to Vegas? Did you gamble? (Because I didn’t.) What is the number one city in the states you want to visit? And seriously, how awesome is my friend Amanda?