More Random Thoughts of an Exhausted Writer

Why does garlic taste so good but smell so bad?

I don’t care that the Daily Show made fun of it, the post office ads are kinda right: hand-written letters are pretty much amazing. (Much loff to the Tank!)

I’m trying to decide if I’m an introvert or an extrovert. Maybe I’m a freaky combination of BOTH. I AM ROVERT-ENSTEIN!

But I’m not sure it’s important either way.

We’re officially at the point in Japan where my fingers are only warm when I’m in horrendously overheated supermarkets. This is not conducive to working on books.

However, hot soup on a freezing day is like heaven.

I don’t understand how hair waves naturally. Doesn’t hair come from dead cells? Or is that fingernails? I know it’s dust, definitely.

WHAT IF WHAT IF the next cat you saw stared at you for FIVE MINUTES. Do you think it’d be Professor McGonnagal?

I’d like to see the viewing statistics on the State of the Union address. Also, when was the last time a President said the State of the Union is not-so-very good chums, sorry? Probably not since television. Which is why I kinda appreciated the Republican rebuttal, in a “Wow, you’re depressing me” way.

Today I stayed at school until 7pm (a little over two hours past the end of my workday). I told the teachers it was because I had a lot of work, which is true, though usually I do that work at home or at the Culture Hall. Mostly I stayed two hours past school because I don’t have to pay for the heating when I’m there.

I’m tempted to fall asleep under my kotatsu. Can’t spread out that far. Decisions, decisions.

No, SERIOUSLY, my hands are so crazy cold.

Gonna make meat pies this weekend. Pretty excited about it.

I have no idea how to make meat pies. I assume I grill up some meat with some veggies/potatoes and stick it in a calzone-esque pie crust? No?

I guess I could google it.

I’m trying to decide if ALBATROSS needs beta readers. The problem is two-fold. 1) I hoped to send this to Agent Sara in the beginning of February, which means I’d need it read in a week, which is just not gonna work for most folks. 2) I hope beta readers say, “YEAH, THIS IS FABULOUS YOU ARE FAB 2, 4 SHO.” Which means they’ll actually say “…it still needs work,” and this will be my face:

Ah, Arrested Development. I look forward to being disappointed by your movie.

But of course I’ll fix things. That’s not the point.

The point is, I’m cold right now. And I’m a sleepy bear ’cause it’s past my bedtime.

Maybe I should just take a day off from editing? Right! BACK TO STUDYING.

I’VE GOT IT. I’ll send it to my mom? No. I think she’s busy. Hum.


Gads, I want to eat the chocolate orange on my kotatsu, but I already brushed my teeth for the night. Gosh, my life is hard.

Any random thoughts, Minions? Some things that have been stumping you lately? I taught my students why the sky is blue this week. It’s fun trying to explain physics in English to folks who don’t really speak English. Maybe it worked?