Start your Engines. Crits for Water 2012!

So, after Thursday’s slightly tongue-in-cheek account of my life (I know, everyone was reading with baited breath), here’s the Sorta Secret Thing.

I bet lots of you guessed it.

Just two more weeks!

Yeah, Crits for Water 2012 is almost here, guys.

It opens March 31.

I have tons of people to thank. (All the contributors, for one, and Sooz and Jess, for two. They listened to me spazz about this for a month.) I’m still technically organizing (it’s been a crazy awesome, lemme tell you), but let’s start getting the word out! Tell your friends, neighbors, critique groups, agents, everyone you think would like to chip in, and maybe even those that wouldn’t. 😉 Or post on your blog! Write Water Stories. I will loff you forever if you tweet. There will be some fun things to come over the next few weeks, but sit tight–donations and bidding and entering will begin on March 31.

Seriously, please don’t donate until then.

Well, I mean, you can. And I’m sure charity: water would appreciate it.

But you’re not gonna get a critique out of it. 😛


Here for the Main Event:
(Yes, this year all campaign events will NOT be held on That Flighty Temptress. I decided it would streamline things for everyone, also keep my life from turning into JUST Crits for Water, and hey, the super fab Jess Silva made us a beautiful, beautiful website. Everyone go give her hugs.)

Here for Faster-Than-RSS-Updates: @CritsforWater
(Though I will probably cross-post most things to my @katbrauer account as well. Hopefully. I don’t know. Sometimes I feel technically handicapped.)

Here for information: Crits for Water FAQ

Here for the Schedule: Guest Critiques

Here for last year’s campaign: Crits for Water 2011
(Yanno, if you’re curious. We’ll probably hear about where the water project was built in December! charity: water will contact all donators with the GPS coordinates.)

So…I think that’s it. Any questions? Ideas? Concerns? I would love some excitement, too, if you feel like sharing in my SQUEE-dom. I’ve been fair giddy for the last four-five weeks as more and more people signed up. So many great opportunities for authors, so much we can change for those without access to clean water.

Much loff for charity: water, the guest contributors, Jess (aka PB), the Soozinator, and YOU, my fabulous minions.

Let’s. Make! SOME MAGIC!!

Yes, I will accept your applause.