Something Strange and Delicious: Spicy Chocolate Croissants for Eleanor

Today’s Something Strange and Delicious adventure was, well, adventurous. When I asked the fab Sooz several weeks ago what Eleanor’s, the heroine of Something Strange and Deadly, favorite dessert would be, she answered unequivocally, “Chocolate Crossants.” And, well, it makes sense. After a hard day of taking down the Dead and solving mysteries, Eleanor would definitely want to relax with a suuuuper buttery bread-based sweet.

And boy, oh boy, is there butter.

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For croissants, start with a plain bread dough. I don’t think the dough’s supposed to be too airy, so try and keep it from rising until you’re ready to bake. While the dough’s chilling in the fridge, mix a whole buncha butter and a little bit of flour to make a square (see above). Once the dough’s ready, roll it into a square about twice as big as your butter square. Then slap that butter smack dab in the middle and wrap the dough around it.

After this phase, roll out both the dough-wrapped butter, then fold to start creating that flaky, layered crust. Truthfully, I struggled with this part quite a bit. Maybe because the dough rose too much, but also because of Japan’s aforementioned humidity/heat interacting poorly with the butter. I couldn’t keep the butter even, and that impacted the prettiness of the croissants once they cooked. (But not the deliciousness BECAUSE ZOINKS NOMNOMNOM).

In any case, it’ll go back in the fridge to chillax s’more. After a few hours, pull it out and roll the dough until its length reaches about 10 inches. Cut the dough into strips (the recipe I got recommended 3″x10″…but be careful to keep the dough thick) and then fill it with chocolate.

Or chocolate with some spice.

Cinnamon and Ancho Chile pepper, to be specific.

Might just give Eleanor’s mother the vapors. 😉

Finally, roll those suckers up, let them rise for about another hour, and then stick ’em in the oven. Hopefully yours will turn out prettier than mine did, but just as delicious. The cinnamon and chile pepper gave these a Mexican Hot Chocolate-like kick; just the zing you need when you’re fighting the dead…or arguing with certain mechanics.

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Spicy Chocolate Croissants for Eleanor weren’t really adapted (aside from adding cinnamon and chile pepper to the filling), so if you’d like to give it a try, click here (opens in a new window). The author, Tracey, has much more thorough photos–very, very easy to follow along.

If you make these and they work well for you, post a picture! Then join us tomorrow for Something Special and Delicious for Jie, finishing up with a final, extra treat for Eleanor.