Quick Notices!

First of all, there really, really, really will be a contest happening soon, involving paper, and birds, and Skylark…now that I’ve gotten over oohing and ahhing over my nephew to set everything up. (Seriously. He’s thrown up on me. I’m over it 😉 ) Or you could just buy Skylark and read it anyways, because it is AMAZING.


Secondly, I’m back in America! 0_0 This is me, flopping about, feeling as if I have no purpose in life. So, to give myself a purpose, and hopefully to help for folks with their books, I have decided to open myself up for

Freelance Kat-Crits!

For a limited time. And on a limited basis. First come, first serve. Once spots are full for the month, I’ll post it on the blog. I’ll be open for new spots on the first of every month. (And yes, that does mean I’m open now for August.)

As of now, I’m planning to offer three separate services:

  1. Subs Package – Multiple edits on a query (until we both feel it’s polished), up to three edits on a three-page synopsis, and one edit (including line- and global-edits) on up to thirty pages. I will, of course, also be open for follow-up questions, and I’ll be happy to do a read-through on the re-edited pages (but no extensive comments).
  2. Global Edits – This is, generally speaking, for a full MS. I’d comment on global-level edits, like characterization, plot arc, pacing, world-building, etc., that move throughout the book.
  3. Line Edits – I am willing to do line-edits in chunks (if you’re working through global edits from a previous crit partner or myself) or as a whole MS (if you’re prepping it for submission to agents/editors). My comments would be in-line, including grammatical, word-choice, as well as the more minutiae of characterization, pacing, world-building, etc.

Aside from the Subs Package (a flat $50), prices will run the same as Kat-Crits during Crits for Water ($1/250 words; if you want both global and line-edits, it’d be $1/125 words). If you’re interested or you have any questions, please feel free to email me, kat@katbrauer.com.

Aaand that’s all. See you tomorrow for the beginning of Freedom for Skylark! I know you’re excited. I am too.