Freedom for Skylark

Well, after much delay, and moving, and eating so much bacon my stomach was like, “Wait, I can maybe eat one more–OMGNOWAITYES,” I am finally starting the Freedom for Skylark Contest!

Thankfully for all that is right in the world, Skylark has been out for nearly a full three weeks! Have you gotten your copy yet? Well if not, or if you liked it so much you want to get one for a friend, there are up to three opportunities to win a copy.

All parts of this contest are open through August 27th! You can tweet about it once a day for an extra entry every day, too.

First, very easy, you can enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway. Winning will get you a hardcover copy of the book!

Enter here!

For those who have read the book, you know that origami is an important symbol and connection for Lark, the winner. One of the most poignant scenes, for me, happened right at the beginning. Lark picks up an origami bird, and her life changes. Sizzles. It’s magic.

So, the grand prize for Freedom for Skylark requires two things: first, make an origami bird. (I made a crane using these instructions, but you can make any kind of bird on any kind of paper.) Then take a picture and send it to me – That’ll enter you to win a hardcover copy of Skylark AND some beautiful, beautiful origami paper brought direct from Japan. It could also be used in scrapbooking, other crafts, or just as an amazing framed picture in and of itself.

There are four sheets of about 11×13 paper. And somehow, via magic, I managed to bring them from Japan completely fold-free.

The photo you send will be posted on this blog, PS.

And FINALLY, I really, really want to make this origami bird, as it reminds me of that amazing scene discussed above, but the instructions are completely mind-boggling to me. First person who can post coherent instructions (i.e., I can make a bird from them) will instantly win a copy of Skylark. This prize has been won! Try for the other two books!

So three chances to win, plus one chance to win some beautiful origami paper.

Enter now, because you want, want, want this book. Trust me.

Contest open internationally.