Kat-Crits Open for September!

Hey friends and neighbors. I hope you had a productive summer full of writerly awesome! I’m all moved back into the States and life has, for the most part, calmed down. (Although the Nephew is going through his “three month growth spurt,” whatever that means.) I hope all my American friends had a relaxing Labor Day like myself!

So, to the point! Kat-Crits for September are

now Open!

To ensure that I have a quick turnaround for anyone interested, I plan on offering the following editing options:

  • Up to five Subs Packages (query, synopsis, and up to thirty pages, with multiple edits on the former two, and a re-read on the latter).
    —> Only three remaining! (a/o Sept 3)
  • Up to 200,000 words in either global edits or line edits. (This 200,000 can be from any combination of clients in any combination of words. Just email me and we’ll figure it out.)

As of Monday, September 3rd, I’m having a fairly quick, 2-3 day turnover on under 10K. If you’re interested, send me an email at kat@katbrauer.com.

I look forward to reading! Y’all are a super creative bunch. And if you have any questions about the process or jazz, and I didn’t answer it in the Freelance Kat-Crits page above, throw ’em in the comments.