Adventures in Denver

So, last weekend (Aug 24th-26th) I went to Denver. In case you hadn’t heard, the Nelson Literary Agency just celebrated its 10th anniversary, so I went up to the mile-high city to meet my agent, agency mates, and enjoy the lighter air.

I only stayed for a weekend, but I gotta say, Denver left a great impression. It was clean, full of trees and parks and grass, and relatively easy to get around. Major points for the cheap bus ride to and from the airport, Denver. I especially liked the downtown area–the government buildings are classic and just the right amount of gaudy, plus there’s an amazing art museum and library within walking distance of those buildings. For anyone who’s interested in American history, the Denver Art Museum is a must-see. It was full of lovely, well-organized exhibitions about American Indians, the US, and especially the journey west. I spent a solid five hours there and probably could have stayed longer, but my stomach started rumbling. What’re you gonna do?

One of the outdoor art sculptures at the art museum.

Loved this sculpture outside of the library.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t thinking while I was at the NLA anniversary bonanza, and I didn’t snap any photos of me with the loverly Agent Sara. However, I did speak with her, and she is just as kind and energetic in person as she seems on the interwebs, in case anyone was wondering. I partially blame my lapse in thought on the wonderful company. Aside from my superstar agent, I got to meet Janice Hardy, Courtney Milan (who also gave me a ride back to my hostel! She’s awesome), Michael Haspil and his fab wife, Kate Testerman, Miranda Kenneally, and, of course, the lady of the hour herself–Kristin Nelson.

This was my first adventure into the meeting-other-authors-in-person land, and it pretty much rocked my life. I geeked out about books, video games, and Avatar (the show), and everyone understood my references! They laughed at my terrible jokes! We oogled ARCs together.

Folks, if you have the chance to meet other authors–do it. It might be awkward at first, but suddenly everything’ll just click, and life will be so fabulous, you’ll be nothing but hearts. ❤ ❤ ❤

Loff you guys. And hopefully I can meet more of you soon.