Always a Good Idea

I totally blame my love for Paris on Audrey Hepburn.

Paris is always a good idea.

-Sabrina, 1954

Well, I’ve mostly finished packing for Paris. So I guess I should mention to you guys that, uh,

I’m going to Paris.

You may have seen it on twitter, if you follow me. I leave in a few days, and I’ll be there for quite a long time.

I’ve been to Paris before and did all those tourist things, so hopefully this time I can just go to a lot of temporary exhibits at museums, finally make it through the entire Louvre (I’m gonna block aside at least four days), drink all the wine, and eat all the cheese. And, fingers crossed, get some writing in, too!

I will still have interwebs, no worries, although my responses will probably stay staggered as I wander and walk and eat crepes and climb Notre Dame. If you guys have any tips, I’ll take them! Also, if anyone knows any good (and safe) running trails, that’d be appreciated. I want to keep training for the Navy.

I’m also willing to take requests for pictures if there’s anything you guys would like to see. It’s dependent on cost (my budget is very, very tight), but lemme know if there’s something you’re curious about. I’ll do my best!

So minions, any fun times coming up for you? Vacations or adventures or something new in life? Let me know. I miss talking with you!

“A Toutes les Gloires de la France” – Versailles, January 2011