Paris’ Street Art: Fred le Chevalier

Well, I’m on my third day in Paris, and it’s pretty much as brilliant as I expected. (Also, no, I haven’t died. Huzzah!) Yesterday, my personality doppleganger Nikki and I wandered around two areas of the city, Belleville and Menilmontant, and I (predictably) took lots of pictures of doors, windows, and street art. Since I was here in winter of 2010-2011, a new street artist has begun making waves–Fred le Chevalier.

The guy in this photo was being very nice, stopping so he wouldn’t block the picture. I kept him in there for perspective, anyway.

I was instantly captivated by le Chevalier’s playful darkness, the intense contrast, and the very cartoonish subjects. I like the sparing use of color, and also the blend of circular shapes with very angular noses and bone structure.

Needless to say, whenever I spotted a le Chevalier whilst wandering about, I had to take a picture of it.

I’ll leave you guys with a couple more of my favorites before I head off for more Parisian adventures.


This is right next to the Notre Dame Church of the Cross in Menilmontant. I had so much loff for it.

So do any of my minions have any favorite street artists? How do you like Fred le Chevalier?