Paris’ Museums: Smelling the Roses at Musée Rodin

Oh my gosh, guys.

Oh my dear and fuzzy lord.

I don’t know if I ever waxed poetic on this blog about Rodin, but I pretty much love everything he ever created. Marble, bronze, plaster, his sketches, his watercolors…I’m all over that like white on rice. When I was in Paris before, going through the Musée Rodin was pretty much one of the highlights. So, obviously, I had to go back in the fall.

That’s les Invalides in the background. And oh yeah, A GORGEOUS ROSE.

When I went to Musée Rodin before, being winter, and also raining, nothing was blooming. I came back with very moody (though lovely) memories, such as this:

See? Lovely, but…angsty. Quiet. It does a little tug to your heart, and it’s definitely a wonderful way to view Rodin because the weather does a lot to evoke the emotions in the statues but.

Zoinks guys. In the fall? So? There’s like, yanno, FLOWERS. ZE ROSES. All the roses!!!

So yeah. Definitely a recommended place to visit if you’re lucky enough to visit in the autumn. Really, a recommended place to visit anytime because the art: amazing. The gardens: lovely. The museum cafe: delicious. The prices: acceptable. The location: right next to Les Invalides, within walking distance of the Eiffel Tower. Just go there.

And also, minions, if you feel like freaking out with me about the ROSES. THEY SMELL SO GOOD. Feel free.