November: NaNo, Kat-Crits, and Sandy

How they hey is it already November, guys? Seriously? I’ve gotta get my pie-pumpkins roasted so I can start cooking! Anyone else thrown for a loop by how quickly time is flowing by?

Speaking of flowing, let me point you guys to an incredibly important auction going on right now for the victims of Hurricane Sandy:

Kidliters Giving to Red Cross

This is your chance to give back and get some great swag–and maybe a critique or two! Right now the auctions are at steal-level awesome. A Scrivener Update for your PC, a FULL NOVEL crit by MG bestseller Adam Gidwitz, a 50 page crit from author Alison Cherry..the list goes on. Considering how much I heart the writing community for helping out, this is a cause I think we should all get behind. So go and bid, guys! If $10 (or less!) is all you can afford, that $10 can still have a huge impact.

‘MURICA! (…and everybody else donating. LOVE Y’ALL.)


Moving right along: usually at the first of the month, I post how many crits I think I can handle–but here’s the thing: I’m a little back logged to begin with, and response time is incredibly important to me. (I know how I wait, pacing in front of the computer, until a crit comes back!) So, sorry, but I’m not open for additional Kat-Crits in November. If you were interested, just click on the Red Cross link above. It’s your chance to give and get!

Part of the reason? Weeeellllll I’ve decided to do NaNo.


I don’t even.

I should probably get to writing.

I think I’ll keep writing this blog post, instead.

Does that count?

I haven’t joined the boards yet, but I suppose I should…? I dunno. Update: Have officially joined! Username is katbrauer. Any NaNo vets out there think I should join the boards and try to go to some meet ups? I’m a little nervous! So awkward around people.

Anyway. Kat-Crits will be back up in December, and I’m thinking I’ll have some special deals for anyone who’s a NaNo Winner. Huzzah!

Now…to writing! And bidding!