Anime Vegas Cosplay: Best of the Best

Or I should probably say My Favorites, because I didn’t manage to get pictures of everyone, and seriously, there were some amazing cosplayers. It was my very first anime convention (well, convention in general, actually!), and I was really impressed by folks’ dedication and interest. Anime Vegas has been around for about 10 years, so I suppose it’s pretty big, but everyone told me it was nothing in comparison to the well-known cons.

Still, we had some fabulous cosplay. Makes me want to grow up and become a cosplayer!

Let me know your favorites, minions! Anyone you’d like to cosplay as?

My good friend Sailor Pluto and a Katamari.

Aerith and Rude.

Learning Gangnam Style.

The Black King (Loki) taking out the White Knight (??? Anyone know?)

Cosplay Chess group!

Princess Bubblegum and Marcelene.

An assassin.

I have no idea who this character is, but man is she intense!

Sailor Pluto with most of the inner Senshi.

Commander Shepherd!

Kiyoshi Warriors!

My good friend Mad Alice.

And yeah, technically I was there, too. While I mostly just took pictures of people (that’s me BEHIND the camera), I did bring a yukata and wore it on the last day.

My good friend Amanda (right) and I on the last day of the con.

So let me know your favorite cosplay from above, or even the favorite cosplay you’ve ever seen. Have any of you guys ever done cosplay?