Paris’ Cathedrals: Stained Glass

So…confession here (hah! it’s a pun!): I’m not particularly religious. I’m a particular lazy breed of “believer” that I occasionally call agnostic if I feel like sounding smart. Mostly I accept science, but I recognize that we have no explanation for the first few minutes of the Universe. So I’m not hedging my bets either way. I’ve been to Sunday services a few times, and while they’re nice and I appreciate the moralizing, mostly I just try to lead my life in a good way, following the golden rule, and always performing at my best.

However, I love churches.

Like woah.

The architecture! The art! The sense of quiet and serenity in the atmosphere! The hush that overcomes everyone because the place is sacred. The infusion of history to boot.

So, needless to say, when I was in Paris (both times), my personality doppleganger Nikki and I visited quite a few churches. And the stained glass just took my breath away.

Yeah. Mind blowing, right?

Has anyone else visited Paris? Any favorite churches? And if not–do you have a particular favorite place of worship to visit for the aesthetics?