December Kat-Crits, with special awesome for NaNo Winners

How is it December already? Seriously guys. This year is ZOOMING by. Although I bet part of my shock is living in the desert. Sure, it’s December–but it’s also still over 75 degrees during the day (generally), and I can still wear a t-shirt and be comfortable. It messes with my body’s sense of the seasons, but at the same time, all the vitamin D is loverly.

I don’t know if anyone but me noticed but…I failed NaNo spectacularly. I made it through about four days and then nothing. A big, fat, super endless NOTHING. The writing just would not come. I tried thinking of other projects, doing prompts, but the few words that happened didn’t feel right.

But HEY. Not everyone is in the midst of an epic battle with writer’s block like me! In fact, several amazing friends of mine are NaNo Winners.


And by sparkles I mean things that aren’t actually glitter, because glitter is the devil.

To celebrate, this month I’m having a special deal for NaNo winners–if you’d like global edits (overall, big picture. Covering pacing, characterization and character arc, plots and plot holes, world building, jazz like that), I’m essentially doing a four-for-one deal: rather than $1/250 words, it’s $1/1000 words for NaNo winners. Line edits will still run the same.

So here’s my availability for December:

Up to Four full manuscript global edits

Up to One full manuscript line edits (or any amount of line edits below 80K)

Up to Two subs packages.

If you have any questions about my editing services, check out this page. Or feel free to stick your questions in the comments section.

Congrats again to the NaNo winners, and even us NaNo not-so-winners who still tried. And I hope we all have an amazing December!