PB&J Together at Last

So this happened:

I don't know why I told her to flex, but yanno. That's life.

I don’t know why I told her to flex, but yanno. That’s life.

My amazing friend and critique partner, Jess Silva, came to visit me in Arizona! Two awesome days of giggles, baking (the most delicious snickerdoodles of all time, peanut butter and jelly whoopie pies, peanut butter and jelly pie bars, Japanese curry, and pesto turkey sandwiches), the occasional brainstorming, and one snake in the middle of the road. (I may have run it over…?)

This is the second time I’ve met one of my online acquaintances, and it’s pretty much amazing. Folks, I am so grateful for the interwebs because through it, I get to know amazing folks I may never have known otherwise. A quick bit of advice–when you’re looking for crit partners, of COURSE try and find someone who will help you improve your writing, but reach out even further if you can, too. It’s wonderful to have a friend share the journey with you.

In any case.

Jess wasn’t here for very long, so around all that baking, we managed one Arizona-esque adventure: a ghost town.

We watched two faux gun fights that mostly revolved around people shooting for no reason. When the show was over, the folks left alive would say, “We’ve just got one last question. Are y’all dead?” and the men on the ground would all groan, “Yes!” and stand up.

It was actually pretty cool, even if it was small and a little kitschy. Jess and I commented that it might be a cool way to research for an historical book.

Then we had coffee. And Sarsaparilla!

You may be able to spot a reflection of me in Jess’ sunglasses. I fail at taking pictures of myself. Next time.

Too bad Jess couldn’t enjoy all of her Sarsaparilla, as less than halfway through her bottle, a bee decided to make itself at home. We both freaked out…sort of…and Jess ended up committing beeicide. I couldn’t stop giggling for about two minutes straight.

The bee was still alive at this point.

The bee was still alive at this point.

All in all, it was so great. I MET JESS IN PERSON, WOO. Can’t wait to do it again!

Hope y’all are having as fabulous a December as I am! ❤ you, minions!