Japanese Gardens in the middle of a Desert

Also gratuitous photos of the nephew.

So, apparently there’s some Japanese gardens near where I live?

It’s a pretty nice place.

Japanese Gardens 1

We’ve had an interesting time of it over here at Chez Brauer for the last few months. My mother, being her usual wonderful self, decided to take two of her daughters out and about town. It helps that the Nephew came, because my mother is so sublimely in love with her grandson, it’s not even funny.

The Nephew, meanwhile, is in love with putting ALL THE THINGS in his mouth.

The Nephew, meanwhile, is in love with putting ALL THE THINGS in his mouth.

So who knew there were such lovely places near me? And not only that, this park is actually on top of a freeway. Literally. There’s a tunnel beneath it, but you can’t even hear the cars rushing by, it is that tranquil. Ah, if only it weren’t 30+ minutes away, I’d go and read/write/tan. Plus, I got to brush up on my latent Japanese a little, wander around in the sunlight and warmth (woo! is it winter? I don’t believe you), and then at the end, my mother treated my sister and I to some deeeeelicious Japanese food. Hakata ramen! Tofu Sukiyaki! Gyoza! ALL THE SAKE.

My family, they are good to me.

Also, the Nephew is adorable.

Japanese Gardens 10

SOOOOOOOO. It’s been awhile! Any random happenstances for my minions? Discovered any new places nearby you’re just dying to talk about? Also, if you would like to gush with me about the amazing cuteness of my Nephew, that is acceptable.

Hope everyone is doing fabulously!

Miss you. ❤