About My Books

First time I ever used first person in a book, too. Eep!

Albatross (Dark YA Futuristic): A special forces assassin, codename: Albatross, on a personal quest for vengeance is sent undercover to an alien breeding facility to kidnap an alien dignitary. But the more she interacts with him, the more morally grey her once pristine organization, and her detested enemies, become. Well, even if the aliens aren’t Evil evil, Albatross has spent over a decade cultivating her hatred. The aliens destroyed her family. Scarred her for life. She will achieve revenge.

Even if it means abandoning her own humanity to do it.

The inspiration for this dark vision of war came from Japanese rainy season. One day while driving home from work after a downpour, I noticed the asphalt steaming in the heat. And I thought, “Woah. How morbid would that be if it were steaming from blood, and not rainwater?” And Albatross was born.

I have this obsession with robots.

Singular (YA Futuristic): In 2173, Kaylee, a gifted ballerina, discovers that the becoming an adult may erase her passion for dance.  She must uncover and destroy the deceits of her picture-perfect community before she turns sixteen, or she will lose more than just ballet.  She’ll lose Kaylee.  Find out more.

One potential future after the (supposed) impending Singularity — when technology gains the ability to update itself.  A time when, it is thought, there will be no death, no old age, and no limit to the knowledge we can obtain.

High Vantasy.

Mouths (YA Fantasy): Three teenagers from New Hampshire are sucked into another world by a grisly monk.  Escaping him, however, forces them further from home than ever in a world where magic replaces electricity, the gods are real, and they can drink beer–er, biir.  They must learn a new language, a new culture, and how to get along with each other, else they’ll never see Earth again.  And do it all while Mr. Creepy Monk tries to kill them for his own, extra nefarious, reasons.

The first original novel I ever tried to write.  Started it in 2002 when I was a Junior in high school.  Realized I didn’t have the writerly chomps for it.  Restarted it in 2008. Finished it in 2009.  Queried a bit in 2010.  And now it’s resting.

This one aint ever leaving the drawer.

Saguaros and Spaceships (Futuristic Romance): If the groom falling into the grand canyon at her first society wedding shoot wasn’t enough, an airplane then crashes in Marie’s backyard.  Except it’s not an airplane: it’s a spaceship.  And its hunky pilot has a big friggin’ warning to impart: his people are coming to kill all homo sapiens before they can overpopulate and overtake the rest of the universe.  Now all he needs is for Marie to believe him and quit flipping out.

Not quite sure where this idea came from, but I wrote it over a two month period after graduating and before coming to Japan.  Learned a lot from this book.  Queried a few times, but eventually realized that I could do way better. Permanently retired.

Someday it might see the light.

Sapphire Stars (Futuristic Romance): Anynka Sapir escapes from prison only to find herself saddled with two headstrong kids.  To protect them, however, she must trust a freakishly sexy former Sergeant, Jek, who might be working for the bad guys.  Too bad each step she takes towards safety only embroils the four of them further in a galactic conspiracy of doom.

Second book I ever tried to write.  Took me about 18 months to finished.  Pantsed it.  Idea originally came from my sister, and then I changed it all over the place.  Also, first horrible book I gave to critters.  (Rom Critters, love you!)  Learned so much there.  Like how to Not Use Passive Voice.  Most likely permanently retired.

Cute photos courtesy of the Merit Badger.  She’s a genius.