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A Belated Valentine’s

So, slowly but surely this is maybe becoming a blog focused on the Nephew. But he’s adorable enough, it works. Hope y’all had a wonderful Pan-Universal Be Who You Are day! I’m off… Continue reading

Japanese Gardens in the middle of a Desert

Also gratuitous photos of the nephew. So, apparently there’s some Japanese gardens near where I live? It’s a pretty nice place. We’ve had an interesting time of it over here at Chez Brauer… Continue reading

Happy Holidays!

From the cutest dang nephew there ever was: Hope you have a great one, minions! See you in the New Year.

Wishing you a very Lobster-y Halloween

There will be more Paris posts in the future–in the meantime, Happy Halloween, minions! If you’ve got any fun Halloween costume photos of yourself and/or friends, post the photo, link, or video in… Continue reading

Quick Notices!

First of all, there really, really, really will be a contest happening soon, involving paper, and birds, and Skylark…now that I’ve gotten over oohing and ahhing over my nephew to set everything up.… Continue reading

Being Wholesome in Sin City

I’m about nine hours before I start my epic journey back to Japan. Cross your fingers that I don’t miss a flight due to my own negligence again . It’ll be good to… Continue reading

On the Delight of Family and Ovens

I’ve been back in America for about two weeks now. Less than one week before I return to Japan. This is hard for me to believe. The time has flown by…but that’s probably… Continue reading

Things You Don’t Appreciate About the USA until You Live in Japan

Or maybe I’m just going through culture shock. But my mom sure was amused as we walked through Costco. Pint-sized glasses of water (rather than half-cups) Huge roads (without gaijin traps) Casual clothes… Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Pops

So, seeing as you’re now 69 and all, maybe I’ll let you eat ONE cookie of the thousands I’m making over Christmas. Just as a present for the start of your 70th year.… Continue reading

So I wouldn’t exactly say I’m grief-stricken…

Some of you guys may have seen on twitter, but my cat, Carrington (Care Bear) died yesterday. She’s been in my family since I was seven-years-old, so it’s gonna be weird to have… Continue reading