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Dear Mom: On Sending the Beatles into Space

Dear Mom*, I’ve wanted to read this book ever since the super talented Jodi Meadows (I WANT JODI MITTS) mentioned it on her blog.  It’s got all the things I love about current… Continue reading

Starting his 69th year…

Today it’s my father’s birthday!  (I’m pretty sure it’s also the 15th in America as I post this.)  As you can see by the title, my dad is old.  My parents started popping… Continue reading

There’re never enough cookies.

Last night for an ALT dinner of awesome, I made my absolute favorite cookies: Holiday Poppyseed Cookies. They’ve been a staple of the Brauer Cookie Baking Parties ever since they started, though unfortunately… Continue reading

Dear Mom, and also, other thoughts.

Dear Mom, I read a book I think you would LOVE.  It’s called Unwind.  It can, occasionally, get a little too didactic for me, but the characters are real and sympathetic, and it… Continue reading

Hey Government, stop trying to give me money!

So I might be the only person in America who, when the government sends me a $400 check, says, “I don’t really think I want this…” I had this reaction for several reasons.… Continue reading

All right, so…

I’m sitting in a youth hostel in Fukuoka (Khaosan, and yes, I would recommend it even though it’s a little bit grungy).  My flight for Narita leaves in T – 3 hours, and… Continue reading

Just like Christmas!

So in the last few weeks I have recieved several packages, each one just as amazing as the last.  They made me squee with glee and clap my hands, bounce around, do a… Continue reading

PotW: August 10 to August 16

  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!  You should be proud of your age, so I’ll let the whole world know that my mother is sixty-two today–August 12 (which means she starts Social Security benefits, woo!). … Continue reading

PotW (Photo of the Week) – July 13 thru July 19, 2008

After much pestering (Me: “So do I get a picture of you now?”  Dad: “Sure.”  Me: “You need to get dressed.”  Dad:  “WHAT?!”) and prodding (Me: “Seriously, Mom, if I don’t get a… Continue reading

A mini adieu

Things I’m loving right now: Avatar: the story of a kid who can bend air, without hair.  Really, one of the greatest cartoons I’ve seen come out of the US in the last… Continue reading