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All right, so…

I’m sitting in a youth hostel in Fukuoka (Khaosan, and yes, I would recommend it even though it’s a little bit grungy).  My flight for Narita leaves in T – 3 hours, and… Continue reading

11 Days!

Going to America for the first time since I got in Japan about 18 months ago.  Ridiculously excited.  However, this has put me into a thoughtful mood about my life here in Japan… Continue reading

The 365 Project

Have started an additional blog here to meet my resolution to take a picture every day of 2010.  I think it looks rather nice.  Good job wordpress, making a prettyful theme for photography.… Continue reading

I really can’t hear you…

…over the sound of all the delicious goodies that I made today with the help of Ava “Tank” Flave. Today’s recipes: Holiday Poppyseed Cookies Finished up the cinnamon stars (they looked way better… Continue reading

Thanksgiving and a bit more of them Old Trees

Well, it’s been awhile since my last post about Yakushima.  I have a super good excuse, too: I’ve been giving thanks.  And by that I mean: to thank all the people on Iki… Continue reading

Ole Flamenco!

Did Flamenco performance on Sunday!  It went… better than anticipated, though I still made plenty of mistakes.  Still, it was a lot of fun.  I’m so glad I decided to start to learn… Continue reading

Tokyo Time: Tsukiji and Spontenaity

Tuesday, August 25th, rolled around bright and early.  And by early, I mean early, as I woke up at five (okay… five thirty) in the morning so-as to catch the action at the… Continue reading

Tokyo Time: Seeing Tomo-chan and Eating Mr. Kurihara’s Gyoza

On Saturday the 22nd, I spent a leisurely morning getting ready to meet Tomoko in Yokohama.  I felt much refreshed after a solid nine hours of sleep (more so than the other three… Continue reading

PotW: June 28 – July 04 2009

It’s been awhile, but I was editing some of my photos and managed to find one that I’m actually pretty proud of. As stated below, my friend Yoko and I went to Fukuoka… Continue reading

A bit of an update

Well, I’m back from my adventures (boy, yeah, that’s a good word for it) in Hiroshima and Miyajima, but before I start explaining what happened there, I thought I’d do a bit of… Continue reading