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Freedom for Skylark

Well, after much delay, and moving, and eating so much bacon my stomach was like, “Wait, I can maybe eat one more–OMGNOWAITYES,” I am finally starting the Freedom for Skylark Contest! Thankfully for all that… Continue reading

This Week in Crits for Water: 5/29 to 6/04

Doods, we’re over $4500 with four more weeks to go. This is amazing. Excellent. I don’t have words to describe how totally rocktastic it is. So let’s keep the momentum going and reach… Continue reading

Super Sekrit Giveaway #2

So. This is a giveaway. Of books. Lots of books. What kind of books? My favorite books. Books that I still remember and think about everyday. Books I can quote. Books I would recommend in… Continue reading

Freaky Friday Blogfest: The Trouble with Muggles

Let this Friday the Thirteenth begin! Blogfest now over! Sorry. But here’s the idea, in case you’re curious. SO: here is my excerpt… (oh gaaaawd embarrassing). I wrote this Harry Potter fanfic, The… Continue reading

This Week in Crits for Water: 5/08 to 5/14

Another exciting (and later silly) week to come, guys! Longer excerpts being accepted this week, which means an even more thorough look at your work. Yay 🙂 Let’s get ready to rumble save… Continue reading

Friday the 13th

Before I get too into the main thrust of this blog post, some things that have made me happy recently: This week’s Friday Funny at Pub Rants Dancing with your hands And also… Continue reading

Upcoming Crits for Water: 4/24 to 4/30

Last week of April, guys! It’s been a spectacular month! I’m super touched by everyone’s generosity and willingness to overlook my craziness. SO! What’s coming up THIS WEEK?! (Hint: Amazing.) 4/25: Vahini Naidoo‘s… Continue reading

Super Sekrit Giveaway #1 REVEAL

So the giveaway ended on Friday. But I’ve had a busy weekend, so I did the drawing today. Thus, congratulations to…. ELIZABETH POOLE You have won the fabulous first giveaway! Wonder what you’re… Continue reading

Upcoming Crits for Water Goodness: 4/10 to 4/16

We’re off to a rocking start on Crits for Water with over $500 raised in the first week. THANK YOU everyone. I am blown away by your generosity. If we keep this up,… Continue reading

Super Sekrit Giveaway #1

It’s like Pandora’s box! But without the world sucking business. Okay, maybe it’s the opposite of Pandora’s box. This giveaway is closed. Congrats to the winner, Elizabeth Church! Instructions! For Super Sekrit Giveaways,… Continue reading