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An Oldie but a Goodie: World Water Day

A Mizu Nomihodai memory… In November of 2009, as I neared the end of Mizu Nomihodai (All you can drink Water, my first charity: water campaign), I got this phone call at my… Continue reading

A Day in the Life (or: Why I haven’t been blogging)

[Scene: AUTHOR is huddled under a pile of blankets. The sun shines through her single-paned glass windows. When she breathes, the heat of her breath condenses into clouds. Yes, inside.] iPhone (Warning Alarm):… Continue reading

So. I have a fiancee.

The other day my friend Eiko, codename Kunoichi, and her band, Stephanie, had a performance at one of the local culture halls. I didn’t know what to expect of the band going in,… Continue reading

Adventures of Living on a Semi-Tropical Island

So, it’s no secret that I’m madly in love with my island. That’s because, most of the time, it looks like this: I mean, really, there’s a lot that people will endure for… Continue reading


As my east coast friends prepare for Irene-aggedon, I’m attempting to sympathize considering this gorgeous Iki day. After yesterday’s crazy lightning storm, I was starting to despair of ever seeing the sun again.… Continue reading

A Tribute to the Tank

Anyone who teaches English in a foreign country understands the “revolving door” aspect to the job, i.e., old friends leave and new friends arrive each year. A week ago, I said goodbye to… Continue reading

Island Yamakasa

Much has been made on the interwebs about the Hakata Yamakasa Festival, and understandably so–it sounds awesome. (I may have to go next year!) My lovely island, being relatively close to Fukuoka, has… Continue reading

Friday Night Curry

Time Lapse-ified. Sad fact of my life: most of the people featured in this video won’t be on the island in a couple weeks. I MISS YOU ALREADY LOFF. This is what happens… Continue reading

Japan-ified ID4

Before I start the Crits for Water recap, I thought I’d take a little break. Because today is the USA’s 235th birthday! (Even in Japan!) And I’m kinda patriotic. 😉 So, turns out… Continue reading

5-7-5 Manga or Photo Giveaway

Last week and this week are my last classes with my third year students. (The equivalent to ninth graders in America.) At my smaller schools, I have a “scavenger hunt” game, wherein I… Continue reading