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PotW – November 1 to November 7

Here’s my favorite photo from the Yakushima part of my adventure.  More to come if I quit being so lazy about it.  It was absolutely gorgeous–I was really lucky to arrive at the… Continue reading

PotW: June 28 – July 04 2009

It’s been awhile, but I was editing some of my photos and managed to find one that I’m actually pretty proud of. As stated below, my friend Yoko and I went to Fukuoka… Continue reading

PotW: March 22 to March 28

Went picture-taking with Christine today (as neither of us have to work).  Iki is absolutely gorgeous right now with beautiful, crisp weather and sakura trees blossoming everywhere.  The trees aren’t full yet, so… Continue reading

PotW: November 09 to November 15

The statue of Mary at Oura Church in Nagasaki-shi.  My favorite picture from the trip. I was just trying to take the picture from a different perspective when I realized that the framing… Continue reading

PotW: October 26 to October 31 (Happy Halloween!)

From all my kids here in Japan: Had a Halloween week.  Taught plenty of Halloween lessons (“Wrap the Mummy,” “Halloween Comics” in which one fills in the dialogue of some comics, “Halloween Haikus,”… Continue reading

PotW — August 31 to September 20

Ok, I know it’s more like three weeks.  BUT instead of giving you three photos, I’m giving you a video, which is more like 8000 pictures, anyway.  (Ok, that might be overestimating, but… Continue reading

PotW: August 24 to August 30

Took this on my giant exploring trip this last Sunday.  Drive past it every time I go to Ashibe (it’s right before the turn).  Not sure what the name of the shrine is,… Continue reading

PotW: August 17 to August 23

5.  Take pictures on the beach(es) (preferably without ruining my camera), and at midnight on the beach Ok, so it wasn’t exactly midnight but close enough.  And I didn’t ruin the camera. Did… Continue reading

PotW: August 10 to August 16

  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!  You should be proud of your age, so I’ll let the whole world know that my mother is sixty-two today–August 12 (which means she starts Social Security benefits, woo!). … Continue reading

PotW: August 03 to August 09

  I realized that I hadn’t been taking that many pictures of how amazingly gorgeous Iki truly is, so when the sky went perfect and the opportunity presented itself in the form of… Continue reading