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Some Post-Inaugural Goodness

Democrat, Republican, Socialist, Communist, Awesomeist.. whateva, this is HI-larious: Nearly pissed my pants.  Genius, and excellent lyrics.  Also enjoyed the dancing–the dude looks a great deal like Obama.  Nothing new to report–still don’t… Continue reading

Merry Christmas or… well, whateva you celebrate

Because here in Japan, we really have “Christmas.” I miss everybody, and I hope your holiday season is bright. Will update soon with New Years and traveling awesomeness. 🙂

Ok, why I write romance novels, take two

Just saw this and it blew my mind. Just wonderful.  (Came from Found Magazine.)

Why I write romance novels….

::big sigh:: I was actually searching for a video that showed the scene in BBC Pride and Prejudice (which I just finished watching today for the nine-hundredth time) where he gives Elizabeth the… Continue reading


Although I would be MUCH happier if I could see this movie in a week rather than eight friggin’ months, it looks so effin’ amazing I don’t quite know what to do with… Continue reading

The Perfect Day! :)

1.  ::dances:: Even when Obama was 202 points up, I still told all the teachers around me that McCain could take it.  I didn’t accept it until I read this speech.  McCain, you… Continue reading

Just like Christmas!

So in the last few weeks I have recieved several packages, each one just as amazing as the last.  They made me squee with glee and clap my hands, bounce around, do a… Continue reading