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Something Strange and Delicious: Garlic-Buttery Biscuits

Here it is folks: the last Something Strange and Delicious recipe. As of this posting, there’s still another 36-ish hours to enter! You can win a hardcover copy of the amazingly creepy and… Continue reading

Something Strange and Delicious: Ginger Tofu Fah and Candied Ginger for Jie

The Something Strange and Delicious dessert I made for Jie is just like Jie herself: smooth, cool, and with a tight kick at the end. Jie is pretty much the muscle behind the… Continue reading

Something Strange and Delicious: Spicy Chocolate Croissants for Eleanor

Today’s Something Strange and Delicious adventure was, well, adventurous. When I asked the fab Sooz several weeks ago what Eleanor’s, the heroine of Something Strange and Deadly, favorite dessert would be, she answered… Continue reading

Something Strange and Delicious: Spirit Catching Beignets for Joseph

Second day of Something Strange and Delicious to celebrate the release of Susan Dennard‘s fantabulous steampunk fantasy, Something Strange and Deadly. Go check it out and love it. Buy the book. Make the… Continue reading

Something Strange and Delicious: Peach Pie for Daniel

So. Guess whose book came out today? Yeah, the great Susan Dennard’s, is whose. Her super delicious steampunk fantasy, with necromancy and debonair awesome, debuts today: Something Strange and Deadly. Buy it. Read… Continue reading

Day Two of I Have Great Friends: Peanut Butter Muffins

Guys, I’m pretty sure at this point that you are well-acquainted with the Fromance I have for my critique partners. A couple of weeks ago, I waxed poetic about the loverly Soozinator for… Continue reading

Pan-Universal Be Who You Are Day Cupcakes!

For Pan-Universal Be Who You Are Day (PUBWYA Day), I decided to make cupcakes for all of my coworkers. More specifically, these cupcakes. About two years back, I tried to make red velvet… Continue reading

On the Delight of Family and Ovens

I’ve been back in America for about two weeks now. Less than one week before I return to Japan. This is hard for me to believe. The time has flown by…but that’s probably… Continue reading

Lemon Curd Cupcakes

I’ve been in a pretty intense baking mood lately, though I haven’t had the time to bake as much as I’d like. However, whenever friends come to visit (which they pretty much have… Continue reading

Things I Have Learned Today

In list form. I am a closet vampire. The things that make ME feel squishy and uncomfortable would probably make my fictional characters feel squishy and uncomfortable, which is a SUPER WIN for… Continue reading