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Flamenco 2011: Playing with Shadows

10 Down, 200 to go: Flamenco 2011

Several Awesome Things that Make Me a Happy Camper

In list format, because that’s just how I roll. What? The ever-amazing and wonderful Sooz Dennard revealed the cover for her upcoming release, Something Strange and Deadly. LOOK AT IT IN AWE, MINIONS.… Continue reading


Yeah, apologies for the accidental hiatus. Didn’t mean for it to happen but…I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Also, I’m afraid it might continue over the next couple of days…thru Thursday… Continue reading

Iki Seaport Festival Teaser

I was going to type up a whole, picture heavy blog post about this, but now I am le tired. (It’s WAY past my bedtime.) So have a teaser, and hopefully I’ll get… Continue reading

Hey there, fall.

Today I pulled out some of my lighter sweaters and jackets from my dresser. As they smell of mothballs and slight mold, I decided to give them a good washing before tossing them… Continue reading

Glimpsage: Being a Teacher

…means being exposed to nasty-ass germs, whether you’re in Japan, China, or the good old US of A. Not quite sure where I got this cold (could have been from my students or… Continue reading

Adventures of Living on a Semi-Tropical Island

So, it’s no secret that I’m madly in love with my island. That’s because, most of the time, it looks like this: I mean, really, there’s a lot that people will endure for… Continue reading

One of *those* days

Another video heavy one. What can I say? YouTube mirrors my soul. Or something? Also, I find .gifs a little distracting when I see them on other blogs (though often amusing and to… Continue reading

Back to Work!

Just like this: Except, yanno, minus the coke. Also no students with varying haircuts here. And students in Japan are currently very focused on sports. The soundtrack is maybe not as good. And… Continue reading