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Black and white to emphasize texture

This last weekend, the TANK and I performed two Japanese fan dancing routines, one of which I was incredibly nervous about. The dances went okay, in case you were wondering.  Not perfect, but… Continue reading

A list of food I want to make

Once I get enough money to buy all the ingredients.  😀 Peanut butter chocolate spread.  I tried it with almond and blood orange olive oil before, but I think it was a case… Continue reading

The Way of Writing

So, I am a writer.  Storytelling is an art.  (A hard one.)  But, unless I’m doing a very particular style of poetry, my words don’t generally look, yanno, artistic, on a page.  But… Continue reading

Language as a Cultural Mirror: Holy, Honorable Fatigue

I think one of the reasons I really enjoy studying languages (to date: French, Chinese, and Japanese, with a bit of Spanish thrown in for good measure) is that language represents something beyond… Continue reading


So.  I think my adventures in Nagasaki decreased my white blood cell count or something equally preposterous.  Monday night I started getting a sore throat.  I’ve had it all day today.  I’m battling… Continue reading

Of Dust and Nagasaki, or Why I Want a New Camera

This last weekend I went to Nagasaki City to see the Lantern Festival, a yearly celebration/parade/light…thing to celebrate Chinese New Years. (Nagasaki, due to its varied history as the longest existing international port… Continue reading

Huzzah Thursday

I’m taking a page out of Chloe’s book and writing about all the things I’m enjoying about life right now.  Because sometimes I think, as we slog through the monotony of every day,… Continue reading

Hot and Thick: It’s not just romance novels anymore

Today I made a worksheet for my classes.  The students had to fill in the “thicker” blank lines and leave the thinner ones, which I would dictate later.  Whilst handing out the worksheets,… Continue reading

Capturing Action: Nagasaki Memories

I’ve done a lot of talk about using the shutter to blur out people or calm ocean water in earlier Photo Mondays.  However, most people use the shutter for more pedestrian purposes–i.e., stopping… Continue reading

Yeah, I’m def totes down with that, yo.

Partially because I want to seem like the “Cool Teacher” and also just because I think it’s fun, I often chat-it-up with my students or ask them how to say things.  The trouble… Continue reading