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December Kat-Crits, with special awesome for NaNo Winners

How is it December already? Seriously guys. This year is ZOOMING by. Although I bet part of my shock is living in the desert. Sure, it’s December–but it’s also still over 75 degrees… Continue reading

November: NaNo, Kat-Crits, and Sandy

How they hey is it already November, guys? Seriously? I’ve gotta get my pie-pumpkins roasted so I can start cooking! Anyone else thrown for a loop by how quickly time is flowing by?… Continue reading

Adventures in Denver

So, last weekend (Aug 24th-26th) I went to Denver. In case you hadn’t heard, the Nelson Literary Agency just celebrated its 10th anniversary, so I went up to the mile-high city to meet… Continue reading

Kat-Crits Open for September!

Hey friends and neighbors. I hope you had a productive summer full of writerly awesome! I’m all moved back into the States and life has, for the most part, calmed down. (Although the… Continue reading

Start your Engines. Crits for Water 2012!

So, after Thursday’s slightly tongue-in-cheek account of my life (I know, everyone was reading with baited breath), here’s the Sorta Secret Thing. I bet lots of you guessed it. Yeah, Crits for Water… Continue reading

More Random Thoughts of an Exhausted Writer

Why does garlic taste so good but smell so bad? I don’t care that the Daily Show made fun of it, the post office ads are kinda right: hand-written letters are pretty much… Continue reading

Being Wholesome in Sin City

I’m about nine hours before I start my epic journey back to Japan. Cross your fingers that I don’t miss a flight due to my own negligence again . It’ll be good to… Continue reading

Stuttering Haiku

木曜日? 実は水曜。 分からない。 I think it’s Thursday. But really, it’s Wednesday. I just don’t get it. :: snaps :: こたつ上 真っ赤りんごがある。 食べるべき? On my kotatsu there is a quite red apple. Should I… Continue reading

KaNoEdMo – Albatross

In case you forgot (you probably have), I didn’t do NaNo this year. Instead, I did KaNoEdMo–Kat’s Novel Editing Month. I took the easy way out because I was crazy, crazy busy. But… Continue reading

Several Awesome Things that Make Me a Happy Camper

In list format, because that’s just how I roll. What? The ever-amazing and wonderful Sooz Dennard revealed the cover for her upcoming release, Something Strange and Deadly. LOOK AT IT IN AWE, MINIONS.… Continue reading