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Super Sekrit Giveaway #1

It’s like Pandora’s box! But without the world sucking business. Okay, maybe it’s the opposite of Pandora’s box. This giveaway is closed. Congrats to the winner, Elizabeth Church! Instructions! For Super Sekrit Giveaways,… Continue reading

Resolution Round-Up: March

Today is my birthday. IT’S MY BIRTHDAY. I am 24. Today is also the start of Crits for Water. (This is not a coincidence.) CRITS FOR WATER IS AWESOME. $5000 here we come,… Continue reading

Sticky: Crits for Water Fundraiser

THE CAMPAIGN IS CLOSED. Have some links: Instructions for how to participate in Special Guest Posts can be found in the individual blog posts as they go live. I will update this Sticky… Continue reading

Details of the Actual Bidding and…stuff.

Hopefully by now you’re super excited about the list of Special Guests. And please remember that this list will be updated as more people donate crits, so keep checking back or follow me… Continue reading

Crits for Water: Special Guest Crits

Dude. Guys. It’s kinda ridiculous how excited I am about this fundraiser. I’m so excited that I couldn’t fall asleep last night. (Though perhaps that was also the coffee talking.) SO! I know… Continue reading

Surprise! (Confetti! Water! CRITS.)

I thought I would tell you about what I’ve done today, so far at least, and then magically tie it into my birthday surprise. (Which is amazing.) Ate breakfast. Went to work.  Drank… Continue reading

I solemnly offer you my regards.

Today I thought I’d talk about another Japanese phrase that doesn’t exist in English, like お疲れ様です (You are honorably tired).  Unlike o-tsukare, this one is known by most students of Japanese: (どうぞ)よろしく(お願い)(します) (douzo)… Continue reading

Resolution Round-Up: February

Holy bejesus, how the hey is it the last day of February already? This is my face –> 0_0 Or also this–> @_@ (Those are spirally dizzy eyes, not I am a geek… Continue reading

Things I accomplished today and yesterday

As an explanation for why I didn’t blog yesterday, here, in handy list form, because I’ve become so addicted to lists I’ve started speaking in them: Ate four slices of bread with the… Continue reading

The Way of Writing

So, I am a writer.  Storytelling is an art.  (A hard one.)  But, unless I’m doing a very particular style of poetry, my words don’t generally look, yanno, artistic, on a page.  But… Continue reading