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Adventures in Denver

So, last weekend (Aug 24th-26th) I went to Denver. In case you hadn’t heard, the Nelson Literary Agency just celebrated its 10th anniversary, so I went up to the mile-high city to meet… Continue reading

Mountains + Buddhist Temples = Awesome

So. Took me awhile. But, HEY: here comes my second picture-heavy post about my adventure through Korea with the Tank! (Here’s the first.) So, here’s a secret: I like hiking. This is secretive… Continue reading

Korean Adventure: Busan and Beomeosa

HEY HEY HEY. Guess what. Today I edited pictures. So that I can share them WITH YOU. (I know, you’re so excited.) So. My trip to Korea started on August 8th. I left… Continue reading

A Tribute to the Tank

Anyone who teaches English in a foreign country understands the “revolving door” aspect to the job, i.e., old friends leave and new friends arrive each year. A week ago, I said goodbye to… Continue reading

Public Service Announcement

I am still alive, just too busy/too boring to think of any good blog posts. I shall be traveling to South Korea on Monday. Thus it’s somewhat likely that my posts will continue… Continue reading

Love Letter to Japan

Stumbling out of a train station in the wee early hours, you stare outside and it’s pouring rain. Buckets. Cats and dogs. The works. You slump and begin to lean against the wall… Continue reading

Yakyuuuuuu! (Or Japanese Baseball)

Another Crits for Water break. But don’t forget about the Freaky Friday Blogfest, running until the end of Sunday. Or something. BAHAHAHA go prod my Harry Potter fanfic luuuurve! Moving along. On the… Continue reading

Arita Pottery Festival

Break from all the Crits for Water goodness! You can still bid for a 10k critique by Vahini until 11:59pm, EDT, tonight.¬† Each $20 will provide one person in a developing nation with… Continue reading

Capturing Action: Nagasaki Memories

I’ve done a lot of talk about using the shutter to blur out people or calm ocean water in earlier Photo Mondays. ¬†However, most people use the shutter for more pedestrian purposes–i.e., stopping… Continue reading

When Studying Goes Macabre

You will probably need Japanese characters installed on your computer to view this blog correctly. After I travel somewhere (especially abroad), my teachers ask me to talk about it to my class of… Continue reading