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November: NaNo, Kat-Crits, and Sandy

How they hey is it already November, guys? Seriously? I’ve gotta get my pie-pumpkins roasted so I can start cooking! Anyone else thrown for a loop by how quickly time is flowing by?… Continue reading

A Day in the Life (or: Why I haven’t been blogging)

[Scene: AUTHOR is huddled under a pile of blankets. The sun shines through her single-paned glass windows. When she breathes, the heat of her breath condenses into clouds. Yes, inside.] iPhone (Warning Alarm):… Continue reading

Best way to Start a Morning

I passed the Foreign Service Officer Test. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Please feel free to squee with me. I’m attempting to calm even though I’m shaking. This doesn’t mean I have the job, PS. I have… Continue reading

Serious <3

“…in Iran, we think democracy means comfort, when in fact freedom means having to bear responsibility, which is difficult.” -Farhadi, director of the Iranian film, A Separation I spent most of today doing… Continue reading


Yeah, apologies for the accidental hiatus. Didn’t mean for it to happen but…I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Also, I’m afraid it might continue over the next couple of days…thru Thursday… Continue reading

Stating the Obvious

Traveling from my island to Hiroshima this last weekend, I found myself with a lot of time sitting on a bus (four hours) or ferry (two and a half). Being the dedicated writer… Continue reading

Resolution Round-Up: June

Well. Crits for Water has finished. And I am…I don’t quite know how to wrap my words around the feelings pouring out of my head and heart. Hopefully I’ll come up with something… Continue reading

Resolution Round-Up: May

May was a crazy busy month. Not only did Crits for Water pick up (like MAD. You guys are so great!), but I started exercising more often, visited Fukuoka twice, and work really… Continue reading

Some Huzzah-y Things from the last week

Though I have yet to play Dragon Age 2 today (how is this possible?! GASP), there have been a number of things making me verra happy recently. Idea stolen shamelessly from oh!Chloe. Also,… Continue reading


Today, I made one of my students cry. Discipline in Japan is very different from America. ¬†Though corporeal punishment is definitely not the norm, I’ve heard of plenty of second hand stories about… Continue reading