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What I do when I’m bored — or How to have no life

I blame my obsession with this game entirely on AJ. Though let it be known that I am way better at playing it than whomever made this video.  I started a new game… Continue reading

Going over old projects

A number of writing related things to comment on today.  I finally named my Epic Young Adult Novel.  Since this thing has been in the works for eight or nine years, that’s pretty… Continue reading

Why I write romance novels….

::big sigh:: I was actually searching for a video that showed the scene in BBC Pride and Prejudice (which I just finished watching today for the nine-hundredth time) where he gives Elizabeth the… Continue reading

NaNoWriMo: Caught Up

Ok, not that far behind but it’s still not going as smoothly as one might hope.  Check the counter to the side–at 6300 words when I’m supposed to be up to 10,000 today.  Instead of… Continue reading

NaNoWriMo: One day down

Current words: 23,298 Words written for NaNo so far: 1,874 Fun passage of the day: Torn between irrational jealousy at the attention the Browns paid to Mr. Hawes and relief at escaping the… Continue reading


Doing this unofficially because I’ve already started on my project and, according to the NaNoWriMo website it must be a completely new project (so as to facilitate in writing at break-neck speed).  Well,… Continue reading

I think I just had an aneurism

Either that or Japanese kindergartners are on crack! 🙂 I just had my first (and only) day at “yochien”–kindergarten–in the school year.  And holy guacamole, it was an experience.  Tons of fun, despite… Continue reading

Updating you on my silly life

Before I begin, please note that the two entries below this one are the promised entries on Ekiden and Sports Day.  View for fun culture notes, pictures, and occasional sarcastic bits.  I try… Continue reading

Another one bites the dust.

Total number of queries sent so far: 13 E-mails that have bounced back: 2 Rejections!: 5 (though most likely 6) Number of times I’ve squee’d with glee at a request: 1 (a partial)… Continue reading

Some Measure of Closure

Two rejections for All I Need zoomed into my inbox today.  Not that it wasn’t expected.  Even if the agent thinks my writing is good, Sci Fi romance is a hard sell.  Both… Continue reading