Wishing you a very Lobster-y Halloween

There will be more Paris posts in the future–in the meantime, Happy Halloween, minions! If you’ve got any fun Halloween costume photos of yourself and/or friends, post the photo, link, or video in… Continue reading

Being Sacrilegious!

Was heading to the Petit Palais for an art exhibit about the photographer Le Grey. When my friends and I exited the metro, we met with a stunning sight. Yes, my friends, it… Continue reading

Autumn at Le Cimetière de Père Lachaise

Paris has been having pretty unseasonably warm weather (and seriously, I am not complaining), so even though it’s early October, the leaves have yet to change colors at a lot of the parks.… Continue reading

Paris’ Museums: Smelling the Roses at Musée Rodin

Oh my gosh, guys. Oh my dear and fuzzy lord. I don’t know if I ever waxed poetic on this blog about Rodin, but I pretty much love everything he ever created. Marble,… Continue reading

Kat-Crits Open for October

Doing a little less than last month as I’m in Paris, and I don’t want you guys waiting too long for your critiques! If you’re curious about what exactly I offer or pricing,… Continue reading

I like doors.

Hope y’all are having a good weekend. Mine’s going pretty rocktastically. Many thanks to my personality doppelganger Nikki for taking the photo.

Paris’ Street Art: Fred le Chevalier

Well, I’m on my third day in Paris, and it’s pretty much as brilliant as I expected. (Also, no, I haven’t died. Huzzah!) Yesterday, my personality doppleganger Nikki and I wandered around two… Continue reading

Always a Good Idea

Paris is always a good idea. -Sabrina, 1954 Well, I’ve mostly finished packing for Paris. So I guess I should mention to you guys that, uh, I’m going to Paris. You may have… Continue reading

Adventures in Denver

So, last weekend (Aug 24th-26th) I went to Denver. In case you hadn’t heard, the Nelson Literary Agency just celebrated its 10th anniversary, so I went up to the mile-high city to meet… Continue reading

Kat-Crits Open for September!

Hey friends and neighbors. I hope you had a productive summer full of writerly awesome! I’m all moved back into the States and life has, for the most part, calmed down. (Although the… Continue reading