Best way to Start a Morning

I passed the Foreign Service Officer Test. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Please feel free to squee with me. I’m attempting to calm even though I’m shaking. This doesn’t mean I have the job, PS. I have… Continue reading

Day One of I Have Great Friends

Anyone who follows me closely on twitter will know that it was the Great Sooz Dennard‘s birthday this past Saturday. I’ve been trying to think of something to celebrate her birthday that doesn’t… Continue reading

Pan-Universal Be Who You Are Day Cupcakes!

For Pan-Universal Be Who You Are Day (PUBWYA Day), I decided to make cupcakes for all of my coworkers. More specifically, these cupcakes. About two years back, I tried to make red velvet… Continue reading


Test has been taken. Have no idea how it went (neither towards positive nor negative). And I’m now taking a break from anything work-related. Which means no writing (!!!) and no studying (!!!)… Continue reading

Hometown Pride

OLYMPIA, Wash (Reuters) – The Washington state Senate passed legislation on Wednesday night to legalize gay marriage, moving the state closer to joining six other U.S. states and Washington, D.C. in allowing same-sex… Continue reading

More Random Thoughts of an Exhausted Writer

Why does garlic taste so good but smell so bad? I don’t care that the Daily Show made fun of it, the post office ads are kinda right: hand-written letters are pretty much… Continue reading

Serious <3

“…in Iran, we think democracy means comfort, when in fact freedom means having to bear responsibility, which is difficult.” -Farhadi, director of the Iranian film, A Separation I spent most of today doing… Continue reading


“We may be beaten by the English; it is the chance of war; but behold an army which they can never conquer.” -George Washington Officially taking the foreign service officer exam in February.… Continue reading

Being Wholesome in Sin City

I’m about nine hours before I start my epic journey back to Japan. Cross your fingers that I don’t miss a flight due to my own negligence again . It’ll be good to… Continue reading

On the Delight of Family and Ovens

I’ve been back in America for about two weeks now. Less than one week before I return to Japan. This is hard for me to believe. The time has flown by…but that’s probably… Continue reading