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PB&J Together at Last

So this happened: My amazing friend and critique partner, Jess Silva, came to visit me in Arizona! Two awesome days of giggles, baking (the most delicious snickerdoodles of all time, peanut butter and… Continue reading

And… Arizona’s turning Japanese; I think it’s turning Japanese; I really think so (do do do do do do…)

So, as a resident Arizonan, I’ve of course been very interested in the debate raging across the country regarding Arizona’s shiny new illegal immigrant policy, due to go into effect in several months.… Continue reading

Oh, Arizona.

Sorry about the miniature hiatus here, guys.  I’d say I’ve been busy, but that’s not quite true.  Mostly, I’ve been playing the Sims and trying to figure out what to talk about.  I… Continue reading