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Day One of I Have Great Friends

Anyone who follows me closely on twitter will know that it was the Great Sooz Dennard‘s birthday this past Saturday. I’ve been trying to think of something to celebrate her birthday that doesn’t… Continue reading

Adventures of Living on a Semi-Tropical Island

So, it’s no secret that I’m madly in love with my island. That’s because, most of the time, it looks like this: I mean, really, there’s a lot that people will endure for… Continue reading


As my east coast friends prepare for Irene-aggedon, I’m attempting to sympathize considering this gorgeous Iki day. After yesterday’s crazy lightning storm, I was starting to despair of ever seeing the sun again.… Continue reading

Nishiki-hama Time Lapse Sunset

Don’t ask me why the first several seconds are going crazy, because I have no answer.  I tried to fix it by uploading it several different ways, but it just turned out like… Continue reading

Oh, right, I live in Japan.

And my life is awesome. Not only do I not have to deal with crappy health care (see below), but I get to have amazing experiences like this last weekend.  And really, nothing… Continue reading

Rockin’ the Waves

Just wanted to share some of the awesome waves we’ve had on Iki the last couple of days.  Apparently they’re this crazy because there’s a typhoon very far away (it’s at Okinawa now)… Continue reading

PotW: August 17 to August 23

5.  Take pictures on the beach(es) (preferably without ruining my camera), and at midnight on the beach Ok, so it wasn’t exactly midnight but close enough.  And I didn’t ruin the camera. Did… Continue reading

Of Spiders and Beaches

(Written August 03)  Killed my first spider today.  A relatively normal-sized one, with a yellow stripe down its back.  It jumped, but confusion (tapping something near it so it didn’t know where the… Continue reading


(Written on August 08 ) Spent four hours at the beach yesterday-and I did not wear sunscreen.  The result?  A mild burn (which doesn’t hurt at all, and I don’t think it will… Continue reading

Jellyfish-ing it.

(Written on August 05) Got stung by a jellyfish today!  Just a baby one, it was hanging out at this beautiful Caribbean-esque style beach (pictures to come) along with several thousand of its… Continue reading