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Resolution Round-Up: March

Today is my birthday. IT’S MY BIRTHDAY. I am 24. Today is also the start of Crits for Water. (This is not a coincidence.) CRITS FOR WATER IS AWESOME. $5000 here we come,… Continue reading

Surprise! (Confetti! Water! CRITS.)

I thought I would tell you about what I’ve done today, so far at least, and then magically tie it into my birthday surprise. (Which is amazing.) Ate breakfast. Went to work.  Drank… Continue reading

Happy Spring!

(I live on a pretty southern parallel for the Northern Hemisphere–about equal with LA.  That means it’s SO CLOSE TO SPRING I CAN TASTE IT.) March is the best month of the year.… Continue reading

Starting his 69th year…

Today it’s my father’s birthday!  (I’m pretty sure it’s also the 15th in America as I post this.)  As you can see by the title, my dad is old.  My parents started popping… Continue reading