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Happy Birthday, Pops

So, seeing as you’re now 69 and all, maybe I’ll let you eat ONE cookie of the thousands I’m making over Christmas. Just as a present for the start of your 70th year.… Continue reading

Starting his 69th year…

Today it’s my father’s birthday!  (I’m pretty sure it’s also the 15th in America as I post this.)  As you can see by the title, my dad is old.  My parents started popping… Continue reading

FYI: Stimulus Package

I discovered this wonderful article whilst perusing the news at work (what I do when I’ve finished teaching and lesson plans for the day).  I thought it was  a really great and thorough… Continue reading

PotW (Photo of the Week) – July 13 thru July 19, 2008

After much pestering (Me: “So do I get a picture of you now?”  Dad: “Sure.”  Me: “You need to get dressed.”  Dad:  “WHAT?!”) and prodding (Me: “Seriously, Mom, if I don’t get a… Continue reading

A mini adieu

Things I’m loving right now: Avatar: the story of a kid who can bend air, without hair.  Really, one of the greatest cartoons I’ve seen come out of the US in the last… Continue reading

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I originally wrote these first three posts all as one, then decided it was too ginormous.  For most people’s attention span, this is really the only post of the three that’s important to understand what’s… Continue reading