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November: NaNo, Kat-Crits, and Sandy

How they hey is it already November, guys? Seriously? I’ve gotta get my pie-pumpkins roasted so I can start cooking! Anyone else thrown for a loop by how quickly time is flowing by?… Continue reading

O-tanjoubi Omedetou + Crits for Water + Some Photos I Like

This is going to be a post full of random (but awesome random). First of all, it’s my birthday. (BALLOONS! HAPPINESS! and later, I shall have COCOA WINE sent from my LOVELY PARENTS… Continue reading

On Being Old, also Finishing Books

Most of the time I don’t feel very old. This last weekend, as I practiced calligraphy with a bunch of lovely older Japanese ladies, one of them commented, “Oh, you are so genki… Continue reading

Mizu Nomihodai gets a Well

Sorry, pushing the next Korea Adventure post to tomorrow because OMG SO MUCH AWESOME THE WORDS. THEY DON’T. I CAN’T EVEN. Ahem. About two years ago, I joined charity: water’s first mycharitywater September… Continue reading

Special Guest Crit: Ranty Editor

The wonder that is Ranty Editor is offering a 5000 word crit, the last crit in Crits for Water, via AUCTION. THIS AUCTION IS NOW CLOSED ๐Ÿ™‚ About Ranty: Ms.* Editor, anonymous fiction… Continue reading

Special Guest Crit: Laurie McLean

The roctastickness that is Agent Savant, Laurie McLean, is offering a THREE chapter and TWO page synopsis critique via AUCTION for Crits for Water. THIS AUCTION IS CLOSED ๐Ÿ™‚ About Laurie: Laurie McLean… Continue reading

Special Guest Crit: Sarah J Maas

Sarah J Maas, author of the upcoming YA fantasy Queen of Glass, is offering a 50 page critique via AUCTION of any YA (though especially paranormal or fantasy) and adult fantasy or sci-fi.… Continue reading

Special Guest Crit: Miranda Kenneally

Miranda Kenneally, author of the upcoming contemporary YA CATCHING JORDAN, is offering two 25 page critiques via RANDOM DRAWING. This drawing is closed! PLEASE DON’T DONATE FOR IT ๐Ÿ˜€ About Miranda: Miranda Kenneally… Continue reading

Special Guest Crit: Kendra Highley

Kendra Highley is offering a FULL MS critique (up to 75,000 words) of a YA or MG via AUCTION. THIS AUCTION IS CLOSED. Sorry ๐Ÿ™‚ About Kendra: Kendra Cummings Highley is a born… Continue reading

Special Guest Crit: Sherry Thomas

Sherry Thomas, author of fab historical romances like His at Night, is offering a three chapter critiqueย via AUCTION. THIS AUCTION IS CLOSED. ๐Ÿ™‚ About Sherry: Sherry Thomas burst onto the scene with PRIVATE… Continue reading