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Crazy Times

Usually my time spent on Iki is pretty empty.  Not that much to do on an island where everything closes at 9pm (that’s also when the street lights shut off).  I do a… Continue reading

What I’m getting up to

As I told my parents over skype the other day, Aperture and I have created what I refer to as a “detente”.  It chooses to still not allow me to view my pictures… Continue reading

FYI: Stimulus Package

I discovered this wonderful article whilst perusing the news at work (what I do when I’ve finished teaching and lesson plans for the day).  I thought it was  a really great and thorough… Continue reading

Rock for Awesomeness

When I was in Spokane, I volunteered for nearly two years at a wonderful place called the Women’s Hearth, part of a program called Transitions that helps women and families in need.  The… Continue reading