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11 Days!

Going to America for the first time since I got in Japan about 18 months ago.  Ridiculously excited.  However, this has put me into a thoughtful mood about my life here in Japan… Continue reading

Spring Term

I’m about to finish winter vacation–going back to school tomorrow–and I feel like I’m a failure.  I barely left my house the last two weeks!  And half the reason I did at all… Continue reading

Thanksgiving and a bit more of them Old Trees

Well, it’s been awhile since my last post about Yakushima.  I have a super good excuse, too: I’ve been giving thanks.  And by that I mean: to thank all the people on Iki… Continue reading

A few pictures of really old trees and Why I love Rotary International.

If you put it all together, yesterday and today I spent about nine hours preparing for my speech in front of the Iki Central Rotary Club.  The speech (3 pages) took four hours… Continue reading

PotW – November 1 to November 7

Here’s my favorite photo from the Yakushima part of my adventure.  More to come if I quit being so lazy about it.  It was absolutely gorgeous–I was really lucky to arrive at the… Continue reading

Stupid humidity.

WARNING!  The following is often times gross, full of unnecessary information, and really, just a ton of complaints to make myself feel better about life. When I was just entering those formative teenage… Continue reading

PotW: March 22 to March 28

Went picture-taking with Christine today (as neither of us have to work).  Iki is absolutely gorgeous right now with beautiful, crisp weather and sakura trees blossoming everywhere.  The trees aren’t full yet, so… Continue reading

I need to buy an SD card reader

Because my mac doesn’t like the cable connection with my SD1100IS, and that is just lame, as I have plenty of photos to show you fine folks. It’s been a blustery couple of… Continue reading

“Huffing my way to the top”: Day Five of Kat’s (not quite) Epic Christmas/New Years 2008 (and technically 2009) Trip (of wonderfulness)

After a long hiatus while my former computer made the slow descent into death, I have bought myself something wonderful and shiny (read: 24″ iMac) and can now edit photos.  Which means you… Continue reading

Fun things you never realize about the cold until you live in Japan

The temperature has been vacillating between freezing and ten degrees celcius for the last couple of days, with the nights and mornings particularly chilly.  On Tuesday I actually had a pretty healthy coating… Continue reading