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Hey there, fall.

Today I pulled out some of my lighter sweaters and jackets from my dresser. As they smell of mothballs and slight mold, I decided to give them a good washing before tossing them… Continue reading


So.  I think my adventures in Nagasaki decreased my white blood cell count or something equally preposterous.  Monday night I started getting a sore throat.  I’ve had it all day today.  I’m battling… Continue reading

Huzzah Thursday

I’m taking a page out of Chloe’s book and writing about all the things I’m enjoying about life right now.  Because sometimes I think, as we slog through the monotony of every day,… Continue reading

Yunamoto: A Study in Exposure

We got paid last Friday, which means that for the next week (until I spend too much), I am rolling in the money!  Woooooo!  Thus, I decided to use my money wisely and… Continue reading

Frozen to the Marrow

You will probably need to have Japanese characters installed on your computer to view this blog entry correctly. As most of my friends and family know, Japan in the winter (exempting Hokkaido) is… Continue reading


Had one of the strangest weeks last week (in that it vacillated between total awesomeness and pretty not awesome, though I won’t say terrible) followed by an okay but FREEZING week this week.… Continue reading

The Week in Review (Jan 17-23)

Hours studied Chinese: 1 Hours studied Japanese: …well, I did speak Japanese a lot.  …that doesn’t really count.  Okay, .5.  I’ve already failed at my resolution.  But I’m gonna keep trying anyway. Pictures… Continue reading

I need to buy an SD card reader

Because my mac doesn’t like the cable connection with my SD1100IS, and that is just lame, as I have plenty of photos to show you fine folks. It’s been a blustery couple of… Continue reading

Why I love today

I taught my third years how to introduce themselves in sign language.  This is entertaining on several levels.  First, I didn’t know any American Sign Language besides random “love,” “day,” and “Christmas,” all… Continue reading

Fun things you never realize about the cold until you live in Japan

The temperature has been vacillating between freezing and ten degrees celcius for the last couple of days, with the nights and mornings particularly chilly.  On Tuesday I actually had a pretty healthy coating… Continue reading