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And in that ever-declining free time, I…

Play video games.  Almost entirely.  I got a package from Play Asia, a site that ships American/English based video games to countries all around Asia, that contained my shiny new copies of Sonic:… Continue reading

Open a bottle of Champagne!

BECAUSE I FINISHED* MY BOOOOOOOOOOOOOK!!!  FS, otherwise known as Steady in a Firestorm, the epic first chapter (of two) in the series The Storms of Te’Rin, is complete!  After eight years of plotting… Continue reading

What I do when I’m bored — or How to have no life

I blame my obsession with this game entirely on AJ. Though let it be known that I am way better at playing it than whomever made this video.  I started a new game… Continue reading

Going over old projects

A number of writing related things to comment on today.  I finally named my Epic Young Adult Novel.  Since this thing has been in the works for eight or nine years, that’s pretty… Continue reading