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Yakyuuuuuu! (Or Japanese Baseball)

Another Crits for Water break. But don’t forget about the Freaky Friday Blogfest, running until the end of Sunday. Or something. BAHAHAHA go prod my Harry Potter fanfic luuuurve! Moving along. On the… Continue reading


Been suffering through writer’s block for the last… oh, three months.  It’s really frustrating, especially because I use writing to express myself.  I’m not a super emotional person, so writing tends to be… Continue reading

PotW: June 28 – July 04 2009

It’s been awhile, but I was editing some of my photos and managed to find one that I’m actually pretty proud of. As stated below, my friend Yoko and I went to Fukuoka… Continue reading

A bit of an update

Well, I’m back from my adventures (boy, yeah, that’s a good word for it) in Hiroshima and Miyajima, but before I start explaining what happened there, I thought I’d do a bit of… Continue reading

“Amidst the ten-thousand things”: Day six, seven, and eight of Kat’s (not quite) Epic Christmas/New Years 2008 (and technically 2009) Trip (of wonderfulness)

The quote at the top, in case you were wondering, is a reference to the Dao De Jing.  The “ten thousand things” is an oft-used phrase in old Chinese philosophy to mean everything… Continue reading

To keep you entertained…

…for at least a few minutes, I gift to you several of the good times that were had whilst I travelled throughout Shimabara, Kumamoto, and Fukuoka. (Mostly because I have taken OH SO… Continue reading

Autumn in Fukuoka

There’s a lot of chatter about Japan’s “four seasons” here, as if no other country in the world has four seasons.  I find this a little strange as Iki, for instance, only has… Continue reading