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5-7-5 Manga or Photo Giveaway

Last week and this week are my last classes with my third year students. (The equivalent to ninth graders in America.) At my smaller schools, I have a “scavenger hunt” game, wherein I… Continue reading

Resolved: I will have a fracking good 2011

Last year I made three concrete resolutions. Finish another book.  (DONE: Singular.) Take a photo every day.  (DONE: 365 Project) Study Japanese and Chinese.  (Epic Fail.  Within about two weeks.) Two for three!… Continue reading

All right, so…

I’m sitting in a youth hostel in Fukuoka (Khaosan, and yes, I would recommend it even though it’s a little bit grungy).  My flight for Narita leaves in T – 3 hours, and… Continue reading

The Week in Review (January 10-16)

Hours studied Japanese: 2-ish Hours studied Chinese: 1.5 Hours played video games: Countless. Pictures taken: 111 Classes taught: 12 Words written on New Book: 0 Chapters edited on Old Book: 2 Crits done:… Continue reading

Stupid humidity.

WARNING!  The following is often times gross, full of unnecessary information, and really, just a ton of complaints to make myself feel better about life. When I was just entering those formative teenage… Continue reading


How about an update on the fun-good-times in my life? Well, as you may or may not realize, I’m learning both Taiko Drumming and Flamenco Dancing.  I do Taiko on Thursdays and Flamenco… Continue reading

The Perfect Day! :)

1.  ::dances:: Even when Obama was 202 points up, I still told all the teachers around me that McCain could take it.  I didn’t accept it until I read this speech.  McCain, you… Continue reading


Similar to Sports Day in that there’s plenty of running (a whole day’s worth, in fact) sandwiched by speeches galor, Ekiden is the island-wide marathon competition held annually.  Students have to do circuits… Continue reading

Sports Day

Sport’s Day was an interesting experience.  I think it’s one of those things that is way different from America (i.e., not even present, at least in my knowledge).  Students prepare for the competitions,… Continue reading

Learning to be a Teacher

Before I begin, OMG my computer is going crazy!  Well, Word is going crazy.  Randomly it shows this “C++ runtime error, abnormal termination” silliness and then won’t let me open or save any… Continue reading