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10 things I learned while watching Match Point

Even when he’s playing a douche, Jonathan Rhys Meyers is still insanely attractive, zoinks. Dramatic tension is SO COOL. Because you’re all, “But this has to happen! I’m expecting it!”. You glance at… Continue reading

10 Things I Learned Watching Jane Eyre

Men with bipolar disorder are not dangerous, just misunderstood, and therefore sexy. Scruff is nice. Epic beards…not so much. There can be sexual tension between people who look like they’re wearing pillowcases. Mia… Continue reading

Some Awesome Things

In list format, because you know how I feel about lists. (Hint: It’s love.) I have a website. ┬áIt’s not perfect yet, so if the design changes in the next week, please don’t… Continue reading


Had one of the strangest weeks last week (in that it vacillated between total awesomeness and pretty not awesome, though I won’t say terrible) followed by an okay but FREEZING week this week.… Continue reading